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Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience


Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience
by David I. Theodoropoulos

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ISBN: 0-9708504-1-7
Format: Soft cover,  237 pages
Publisher: AVVAR Books (2003)


"The core of the book is an attack on prevailing paradigma of invasion biology.... [T]he book contains many new points of view, and stimulating ideas, and I recommend it for reading not only to specialists but also to general biologists." --J. Krekule, 2003. Book Review. Photosynthetica, 41 (3):348.



PART I Nature, Dispersal, and Reaction
Chapter 1 The Origins of the Natural
Chapter 2 The True Causes of "Invasion"
Chapter 3 Case Studies
Chapter 4 Biotic Resiliency and Ecological Integration
Chapter 5 Extremism
Chapter 6 Unpredictability

PART II Why? Psychology, Politics, and Pseudoscience
Chapter 7 The Multiple Psychopathologies of Nativism
Chapter 8 Structural and Conceptual Parallels: Old Poison in a New Bottle
Chapter 9 Pseudoscience
Chapter 10 Politics and Exploitation
Chapter 11 Unanswered Questions

PART III Humanity and Diversity
Chapter 12 Dispersal, Evolution, and Diversification
Chapter 13 Towards a New Theory of Anthropogenic Dispersal
Recapitulation and Conclusion
Other Resources
Literature Cited

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