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Other Way Ollie


Other Way Ollie
by John Wise & Erin Wise

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ISBN: 978-0-9890784-2-9
Softcover 22 pages.

Other Way Ollie, our lovable, quirky main character, gets distracted easily. It affects everything he seems to do and everyone he comes in contact with. He flies around in circles leading his family to diverse places in the United States in search of their wintering spot.

The authors are siblings who have collaborated in writing this book based on shared family experiences. They grew up in a close knit family that traveled for two weeks each summer up and down the east coast in a pop-up trailer. Oh, the adventures they had back in the day when GPS’ had not even been envisioned yet!

Traveling is great for all types of learners, especially ones that learn differently. It is kinesthetic and experiential and many children and adults thrive on this type of learning. Whether you travel in real time or through books, you should experience the same sense of adventure and inspiration.

The unique presentation of fictional text on one page paired with informational text on the adjacent page inspires learning at all levels and can be used by both parents and educators to further supplement the common core standards.

Find out how Other Way Ollie and his family members get back on track and how technology has helped them succeed. Enjoy your shared reading experience and laugh a little along the way! I know the authors sure did!



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